Our lounge

Ourlounge is the webportal for the employees of McDonald's Restaurant Pvt. Ltd which is designed  for the mcdonald's employees personal entertainment, information, and communication, manage the my schedule mcdonald's,check payslip and payroll . If you are existing member of the mcdonalds portal you can directly sign in to your account with the associate details
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How to Login to Ourlounge McDonald's

  • Visit the official portal https://ourlounge.co.uk/
  • Enter the mcdonalds associated user email and password and submit the sign in
  • If you are new to the Ourlounge click on the register and follow the same to apply for new account
  • On the successful login match, you will be redirected to the homepage of our lounge, Enjoy the services of Mcdonald's


If you're a part of the restaurant crew, you can easily access your Our lounge account by entering the valid entails like email id and password. Restaurant crew can able to sign into the existing account whether through Google, Yahoo, or Windows Live. It allows the restaurant managers, third-party users, and O/O staff corporate members can access the information through their existing accounts including with the McDonald's ID. 

How to Register for Ourlounge

At initial step, you're required to log into the website ourlounge.co.uk from any internet enabled PC or tablet or mobile device. If you're already have an existing account , you can simply enter the credentials like email id and password in the case of you're a member of the restaurant crew.Whereas for restaurant managers or corporate users can access the information with McDonald's User ID. 

In contrary, if you don't have an account or not yet registered for mcdonalds Our lounge, you can go to the new to area of the website which is available on right hand side of the home page. You need to register with the same email address which would be used through the recruitment process like name, email address, restaurant number, and then the same or new password. 

However, your entered password must be case-sensitive and should be consists of 7 to 15 characters long that contains at least one number and upper case letter. You can easily access to the peoplestuff within next 24 hours by excluding the weekends. If you're taken to the additional screen, please read the question on the screen to proceed further. 

Tried a lot to Register for Mystuff McDonalds but It Won't. Why?

There many possibilities are included while you're registering the account on ourlounge.co.uk. Different cases included you may not have waited for 48 hours of time to register when you'd have your welcome meeting and consequently the system doesn't recognize your details or you may have entered wrong details or do not match with the used details in the recruitment process. 

If you continue to the next screen after entering your email address and password, you will be allowed to register still by providing additional information including your restaurant number, full name, and date of birth. After that, your email will be sent to your restaurant to approve the account further. It will send the confirmation email to tell you when your account has been approved by the organization. 

Once it has approved your account, you will be able to access the content  and do your orientation. Although, you've received an email that your account has been approved but you may not able to access the account. In that case, your details have been sent to the restaurant for approval. Accordingly, the team at McDonald's restaurant will check out the details and send you a registration confirmation based on the approval of your details. Finally, you will be allowed to access the Mystuff Mcdonalds account. 

I've Forgotten My Password? What Should I Do?

Sometimes, you may forget your password for Ourlounge website to access the content, entertainment, and other related information. 

In that case, you're required to enter the email address and click on forgot password button which is available on underneath the password API box. When you click on forgot password, your password will be sent to the entered email address. So, you should make sure that the email address you send your password to needs to be the email address you registered on to Our lounge with. 

In some cases, you may not allow to access the account still if you've been sent a password reminder. You can check your password exactly the same as one you have been sent. You can also check that your password should be case sensitive and 7 to 15 characters long that must contain at least one number and upper case letter. In general, the passwords will be sent to the registered email within 10 minutes and make sure that check out the junk or spam folder if you don't receive a new password. 

Changing the Password

Once you've logged into the Ourlounge website, you can click on either your initials or profile picture in the top right hand corner of the web page. After that, click on about me and go to password in the right hand menu. Accordingly, you can change your password to whatever you choose and ensure that you must enter 7 and 15 characters long password which containing at least one number and upper case letter. Finally, you can click on save button on the right hand side of the page and your password will be changed for your next login function for Our lounge account. 

Account Lockout and Renewal

If your account has not been used no longer for more than 365 days, your account will be disabled or locked. If you want log into the account with automatic email account which will be sent to the restaurant, you can ask your restaurant to reinstate your account. You can receive an email if your manager confirm your renewal process of the account . In order to renewal or reactivate the account, you should access the account before 11.59 pm on the received email about confirmation of renewal. 

Error Messages

For suppose, if you're not able to access My learning or employee discounts, you make sure that you're using correct email account. If you're not sure about the details, you can check with your manager that you're entering correct email address. 

How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe the Email Alerts from Ourlounge

To subscribe for email alerts, you can click on your initials or profile picture in the top right hand side of the corner of the home page which is next to the welcome message. After that, click on my stuff mcdonalds once you've logged into the account. Later on, tick or untick the newsletter check box and click on save button at the bottom section of the web page. Once you'd done this, you are now subscribed or unsubscribed for email alerts at Ourlounge. Still, if you've any queries and issues relevant to the Ourlounge login or registration or any other related information, you can contact the customer service associates through the email id or call the helpline on 0345 606 0321. 

Terms and Conditions

If you want to access the website and get to know the information about McDonald's restaurants, you should agree with the terms and conditions. If you're not, you will not be allowed to use the website to access the My Stuff Mcdonalds account. You need to consider the terms and conditions when you're accessing the website such as:
  • You should remember an important note that you will only be accessed to the website when you're having issued email and password by the McDonald's restaurant or remains employed by the McDonald's or a franchisee of McDonald's or as otherwise authorized by the McDonald's. The site is not allow the users for any purpose if you're not authorized by the McDonald's. Your accessing of website is restricted and may be terminated if your employment with McDonald's or franchisee of McDonald's ends for any type of reason. 
  • You will be the responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and all other activities under your user name and password credentials. However, you should not share the details to any of your friends who are not the member of McDonald's restaurant or want to get benefits from any area of the website. You must understand that you're the responsible fully for any activities done under your account that included any data, submit, content or materials you access, receive or transmit through the website. 
  • You must make a note that the organization has the right to suspend or terminate the access to the site for any reason that included without any limitation on any violation of the terms and conditions. It has also reserve the right to suspend or change or discontinue any aspect of the website at any time and the availability of website without any prior notice. 
  • If there is an evidence provided for your violation of terms and conditions for McDonald's restaurant, you will be subjected to the disciplinary activities as outlined in your contract of the employment with McDonald's or franchisee of McDonald's. The organization has the right to cancel your account which is totally relied on seriousness of the violation of terms and conditions. Otherwise, it may curb you from registering the new account if the security of your account is compromised in any way of reason. 
  • It allows the users to access the website during the scheduled work hours for the purposes of training and learning. If you want to access the website and use the site outside of your scheduled working hours for any reason, it will not contain the additional working hours. 
  • You must agree that the information and content on Our lounge website as confidential and you will not be able to disclose the information to any third-party website whether directly or indirectly without any prior consent from McDonald's. 
  • The information available on Ourlounge.co.uk is for general guidance only and should be not depended on by any user without considering any appropriate professional advice. 
  • Without taking McDonald's prior written permission, you will not be allowed to share the content of the website or any part of the website may be distributed, reproduced, transmitted, modified, reposted, or used for public purposes. However, it allows the users to download the copy of materials that contained in or displayed on the website and print out the pages of the website for non-commercial purposes only. 
  • McDonald's corporation pvt. ltd is not responsible for or not be liable for any loss or damage that included but not limited to the failure of performance, delay in operation of transmission, defect, omission, error, defect, or the line of failure or use of or reliance on any content displayed on the website. 
  • You should not post or transmit any fraudulent, obscene, defamatory, libellous, profane, abusive, violent, hateful, offensive, or otherwise any objectionable content of any kind but not limited to the transmissions or otherwise violate any relevant law when sending, posting, or contributing information to Ourlounge. Additionally, you must not post any photos which is invasive of other's privacy or infringes another person's rights. 
  • McDonald's organization is not reviewed any sites which are linked to the website and not responsible for any endorsement of content on any off-site pages. If you want to access the off-site pages, it recommends you to check out the terms and conditions of those websites and privacy policy of such websites. 
  • You're responsible for compliance with the applicable laws which are relating to the use of website. 
  • Any use of the website subjected to the laws of any dispute arising from such use or in connection with the site. 
  • The company has reserved the right to change or amend the terms and conditions on the website at any time without intimate the users. If it has updated the changes, you will find the updated terms and conditions on the web page and indicate at the bottom of terms and conditions were last updated. To know the changes has been made on the website, you should regularly check out the terms and conditions about any changes that may affect you. 


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